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Charles Serrano, Director of Cuba Affairs & Missions
2642 W. Chicago Ave., Suite 200
United States
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

 Charles A. Serrano. Managing Director


No American individual has traveled to Cuba more in the last 20 years than Charles A. Serrano.


Since 1994, Mr. Serrano has coordinated more than 130 missions to Cuba for business leaders, academics and institutions. In 1999, he coordinated Illinois Gov. George Ryan’s historic trip to the island, the first sitting governor along with a delegation of 91 Illinois business, civic and political leaders to visit Cuba. In 2002, Mr. Serrano organized the first and only Biotech Conference and Academic Exchange, engaging American CEOs and Cuban professionals in those fields.


In over two decades, Mr. Serrano has established key relationships in all sectors of the Cuban economy, including government and non-governmental organizations. He has bridged the gap between professionals from the U.S. and Cuba, linking counterparts from the two nations in the areas of agriculture, medicine, nanotechnology, biotech and telecommunications.


Mr. Serrano’s understanding of the socio-historical environment of the island has allowed him to fit into Cuban society, nurturing relationships with its musicians, its budding entrepreneurial class and its government leaders.


His internal knowledge awareness and understanding of the Cuban society, the sentiment of the Cuban people and ability to forecast and anticipate Cuban social and policy shifts is truly unique and is a valuable asset for his clients.

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